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When it comes to dental care for your family, the dentist you choose plays an important role in not only maintaining everyone’s oral health but also in ensuring comfort and convenience for your day-to-day routine. Life is busy! That’s why opting for a family dentist like Discover Dental offers many advantages, from practical time-saving to comfort to potential cost savings. Here, Discover Dental’s Dr. Jeremie Hallett, Dr. Natalie Carter, and Dr. Corey Hayward share seven key benefits of choosing a family dentist that practices general dentistry for all ages.

1. Saving Time and Simplifying Schedules

One of the perks of having a family dentist is convenience. Instead of juggling appointments across different dental offices — one for the adults and one dentist for your kids — a family dentist meets the needs of all your family members. At Discover Dental, we provide high-quality dental care for babies to seniors. And we can happily schedule several or all of your family members during one visit, saving you travel time and simplifying your schedule.

2. Familiarity with Family Oral Health Histories

Another benefit of having a family dentist? Having the same dentist for your kids and for adult dentistry means your oral care team can become familiar with both individual oral health histories and see the connections. After all, some dental health traits are partially genetic — like being prone to cavities or having orthodontic issues!

3. Catching Small Issues Before They Become Big (Costly) Ones

Knowing your whole family’s oral health history allows us to anticipate potential issues and understand why you might be experiencing them. As your family dentist in Kelowna, BC, this helps us detect and treat oral health problems early on before they become major issues. Doing so can save time and the cost of major dental work — a big win for your family budget!

4. A Family-Friendly, Stress-Free Atmosphere

Our modern office is designed with families in mind. Want a place where you can feel relaxed while you wait? Our spacious waiting area has a peaceful feel for taking the break you need. And as a Kelowna dentist for kids, our family dental office even has a (surprise!) hidden play area with movies and toys.

Our private treatment rooms continue the fun, helping adults and kids feel at home during treatment. Every room has a big TV on the ceiling and cozy blankets, so you feel comfortable and less anxious. Unsurprisingly, patients of all ages look forward to snuggling up and watching a show during their dental exams and cleanings.

Drs. Hallett, Carter, Hayward, and the Discover Dental team take a gentle yet high-tech approach to patient care using modern techniques, materials and technology. Whether you come in for a simple dental exam and cleaning, a filling, or restorative dental treatment like a crown, bridge or implant, your comfort is top of mind. That’s why we also offer safe sedation dentistry to help alleviate dental anxiety and minimize discomfort.

5. Building Relationships With Our Community

We get it, spending less time in the dental chair is likely what you prefer; you’ve got a lot on the go! But while you’re with us, we consider it a great thing getting to know you and your family — yes, we want to know about your kids’ latest wins and your picks for best Okanagan winery. As a locally-owned family dentistry practice, we’re part of the Kelowna community just like you.

Plus, it goes without saying that a friendly relationship makes dental exams and cleanings or any general dentistry treatments an enjoyable experience. And for kids, knowing their parents trust the same dentist for their own oral care goes a long way in feeling good about the dentist, too.

6. Comprehensive Care Under One Roof

Family dentists like Dr. Hallett, Dr. Hayward, and Dr. Carter are trained and experienced in providing full-service dental care — for every age and stage. From routine dental exams and cleanings to specialized procedures like root canals, gum grafts, or dental implants, you don’t have to seek out different specialists for different family members.

7. Educating the Next Generation

One of the best perks of our job in family dentistry? Playing a pivotal role in educating children (and adults!) about the importance of oral hygiene. As your general dentist in Kelowna, part of providing quality dental care is giving our patients guidance on brushing, flossing, and overall mouth care. For your kids, we see this education as an investment in their oral health, helping instill good dental habits from an early age.

Your Local Family Dentist in Kelowna, BC

Choosing a family dentist offers a blend of convenience, personalized care, and comprehensive service. Schedule a first appointment for your family members at Discover Dental — your one-stop shop family dentist in Kelowna, BC.