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Gum Recession & Grafting


Gum grafting is a procedure that allows for the replacement of gum tissue lost to recession.  Recession happens when gum tissue shrinks away from around certain teeth.

It is caused by poor hygiene, aggressive brushing, genetics, smoking, and poorly aligned teeth.

Recession results in exposed roots which can be more susceptible to decay or hot and cold sensitivity.  Also, when the thick band of gum tissue is lost, the remaining loose gum and bone can quickly shrink away resulting in a serious problem for the affected teeth.

During a gum graft procedure a new piece of tissue is placed over the area of recession and held in place with very fine sutures.  With new techniques in grafting this is a much more comfortable procedure than it used to be.

If you have any questions about gum grafts or would like a consult with us about an area of recession please call the office at 780-477-5554.


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