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If it has been a while since your last trip to the dentist, you may be amazed by how much has changed – especially if it’s your first visit to a modern dental office like ours. We invest in the latest dental technology because it allows us to serve your dental healthcare needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

To help you understand the difference that a dental practice with state-of-the-art equipment can offer, we’re giving an overview of the types of technological advances in use in our office right now.

DIAGNOdent Hand-held Caries Detection Pen

Remember the old x-ray trays at the dentist’s office? OK, they’re still here for a lot of reasons. However, if we need to diagnose dental caries (also known as tooth decay or cavities) the DIAGNOdent Hand-held Caries Detection Pen allows us to do so without dressing you in a lead gown.

DIAGNOdent finds even very small areas of decay, thus allowing us to address the problem before it becomes a bigger one that requires more invasive, expensive treatment. Essentially, it can mean the difference between a small filling today and a root canal further down the road.

How DIAGNOdent Helps You

In a perfect world, money would be no object in dental treatments. But we don’t live in a perfect world! We know that often, your dental health treatment plans are affected by your budget, and your health and dental insurance if you are lucky enough to have it.

X-rays are expensive, and only covered by many insurance companies once a year. If you have used up your dental x-ray coverage for the year and we see a suspicious area we’d like to take a closer look at, you used to have a decision to make. Would you pay out of pocket, or wait until your next appointment? By that time, a small problem could have become a bigger one.

DIAGNOdent allows us to take that closer look at an area of suspected tooth decay without another set of x-rays. This lets you make an informed decision about the best treatment approach for your needs.

As you can see, the latest technology in dental care makes a difference. To see what else we can offer, be sure to book your next appointment soon!