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Talk to Your Dentist About Your Health

When you schedule an appointment with us, it’s important to remember that it’s more than just a routine cleaning that brings you to their office. We are an important member of your healthcare team. That means you need to be sure we know about any health conditions you’re being treated for, and that we are aware of any medications, prescription or over-the-counter, you may be taking to manage that condition.

“What does my medicine have to do with my teeth?”

When it comes to informing our office about your medical history, the rule “when in doubt, disclose” is an important one for you to keep in mind. You may think that blood thinner your doctor prescribed is no big deal, but when you start bleeding profusely during a routine cleaning, you will wish you had thought to mention it.

Some medications can have a direct impact on your oral health, in ways you would never think of on your own. For example, frequent use of asthma inhalers can lead to fungal infections in the mouth. If we knew you were using an inhaler to treat a respiratory condition, we could tell you that a quick rinse with water after each dose could help prevent oral candidiasis. Once you have had the joy of fighting off a case of oral thrush, you’ll really wish you had told us about that medication!

Prevent Unnecessary Complications

It’s not hard to avoid unnecessary complications at the dentist’s office. When you go in for your next regularly scheduled appointment, just ask us to update your health history form. If you are managing a serious health condition like heart disease or cancer, it is in your best interest to get a new copy of the form and take it to your doctor’s office for completion before you come in for your next appointment.

We are an important member of your healthcare team. There is virtually no condition that precludes regular dental care, but there are some that require special attention and precautions. Taking time to ensure we know about your treatment plan can ensure excellent oral healthcare is part of the program.