Office Tech for Patients

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Dental Technology: Patient Comfort Into everyone’s life, a little boredom must fall. But does a trip to your dentist’s office really have to be boring? At Discover Dental, we certainly don’t think that’s the case! To give you a better understanding of what makes our clinic different, […]

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Dental Technology


DIAGNOdent If it has been a while since your last trip to the dentist, you may be amazed by how much has changed – especially if it’s your first visit to a modern dental office like ours. We invest in the latest dental technology because it allows […]

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Dental Technology: CEREC Solutions


Dental Technology The world of healthcare is a fast-moving one, with constant updates and technological advances. As an important part of your overall healthcare team, we pride ourselves in making sure we keep up with the latest new developments in dental care technology. Keeping our office well […]

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The Truth About Flossing

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It happens every six months, almost without fail. You come in for your cleaning appointment, we ask about your hygiene routine and specifically about your flossing habits. You lie and say you do it every day, without fail. And that’s too bad, because once you admit flossing […]

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Talk to Your Dentist


Talk to Your Dentist About Your Health When you schedule an appointment with us, it’s important to remember that it’s more than just a routine cleaning that brings you to their office. We are an important member of your healthcare team. That means you need to be […]

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Dental Appliances


Dental Appliances You Just Can’t Live Without Congratulations! You have been brushing and flossing twice a day and keeping up with regular dentist appointments. Your hard work is certainly paying off, because your smile looks fantastic! You might think you’re all done with your dental homecare routine, […]

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Grownups Need Reminders, Too!

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Grownups Need Oral Hygiene Reminders Too! In the few days since Halloween, how many times have you told your kids “That’s enough candy for today?” We know that the thin enamel of children’s teeth needs extra care to help prevent cavities, but by the time you reach […]

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Little Teeth

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Little Teeth are a Big Responsibility. When you become a parent, you’re responsible for teaching a brand new person how to do nearly everything they will ever know. From walking to riding a bike, to (GULP!) driving someday, it’s on you, Mom & Dad! Good oral hygiene […]

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