CEREC Tooth Restoration

Discover Dental is your resource for CEREC tooth restoration. This innovative process can be completed in just one visit with excellent, natural looking results.

The CEREC Advantage

CEREC has been around for many years but is a highly technical option for restoring damaged teeth. As such CEREC is only offered by a few dental offices in Kelowna. Some of the many benefits to using CEREC technology over traditional crown treatments include:
• No need for a temporary crown, which in addition to saving the patient multiple dental visits, also eliminates risks of cracking and discomfort from the temporary crown.
• The ceramic material used in CEREC is much stronger than the method for creating traditional crowns and restores your teeth to their natural strength – meaning your restoration will last for years to come!
• CEREC restorations leave you with beautiful teeth that blend perfectly with your natural tooth structure – preserving your one-of-a-kind smile.

CEREC Technology

Once you and our dentist have discussed your treatment options and you are prepared for your procedure, the simple process can begin. Once your tooth is prepared your doctor will take a 3D image. A unique restoration will then be designed on our CADCAM computer. Then, using diamond burs and a special milling chamber, your restoration will be shaped out of ceramic to match your tooth’s individual colour, function and shape. The last step of this restoration is the adhesion of your new ceramic restoration to your tooth for a beautiful final result.

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